Anyone Need a Good SAS Programmer?

My current company, despite my objections and expertise, is phasing out SAS, and I think it is a misguided decision.

I am only about three years away from semi-retirement, but you won’t find a more motivated worker.  Not only am I a “virtuoso” SAS programmer with many years of programming and data analytics experience, but I’m also very good at teaching and mentoring others in the use of SAS—something I almost never get to do in my current position.

I need a change.

I have “big city” job skills in a small town where there appear to be no other employers who would be able to make use of my SAS expertise.  And, at this stage of my life, I can’t relocate and am unwilling to commute, so working from home appears to be the only option.

I’m looking at potential opportunities as an “encore career” and would really like to do something that directly benefits society.  I loved my 21 years at the Iowa Department of Transportation, and would love to be a public servant once again, or to work for a nonprofit organization. Or work on scientific projects—true science, not data “science”. Or, data for good projects.  Both salary and number of work hours (up to full time) are completely negotiable.  I’m at a point now in my career where I can be more flexible for the right opportunity.

I have my own personal SAS Analytics Pro license, so could do work for you even if you don’t have SAS.

SAS is a great product, and SAS Institute is a great company.  And SAS keeps getting better all the time.

Some say that SAS is difficult to learn, but, like many things, it is not difficult at all if you have a good teacher who has a thorough understanding of the subject matter and a passion for teaching it. That would be me.

5 thoughts on “Anyone Need a Good SAS Programmer?”

  1. Have you checked with SAS to see if they are hiring?
    Who are their best customers, check with them.

    1. Thanks for responding, Phil. SAS would certainly be a good company to work for, I’m probably not what they are looking for because they are moving into the cloud computing / open source arena in a big way, and those are the folks that are in the highest demand right now. I’ve never really considered working for SAS Institute, I just love using their software and supporting a company that treats their employees and customers so well.

      A few years ago when I was actively job searching, I was trying to find potential employers in small towns in rural areas (my astronomy interest…), but their customer list is proprietary and they couldn’t share with me. A good suggestion but harder than the dickens to find who is using SAS in rural or semi-rural areas. Anyway, since relocation is not an option at the present time, the remote option could be with anyone anywhere so definitely worth looking into. Also, there must be a lot of small companies and organizations that are basically just using Excel, and SAS would take their analytics up to the next level. SAS integrates very nicely with Excel. Thanks again!

  2. Most of the remote SAS jobs are in clinical or pharmaceutical. There are freelancer (elance, etc. ) websites which occasionally post SAS projects. Since you have a license, I would check with Universities. Academics often need SAS help with research projects. This includes PhD and Master’s students doing their dissertations and theses, or professors conducting research. Also, undergraduates and other students may need tutoring in SAS.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Jay! Since my background is in the physical sciences and engineering, I probably don’t have what the clinical/pharmaceutical folks are looking for, but I certainly like your idea about working with universities. Will look into that. UW – Madison and UW-Platteville are both nearby.

      Looking forward to seeing you at the Midwest SAS Users Group meeting in Chicago this fall!

      Thank again.

  3. Whether it be political polarization, weakened government, climate change, loss of biological diversity, income inequality, or a host of other problems that need urgent attention, is anyone else feeling that their current paid job is doing absolutely nothing to directly address these issues? Or is even contributing to these problems?

    I’m feeling that way. More of us should be making a living helping to solve the world’s many problems. I want to be a part of the solution, not a helpless bystander.

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