Another COVID-19 Map

As long as Americans continue to suffer and die from the coronavirus pandemic, we will need to exercise an abundance of caution, regardless of what some might tell us. In the map below, you will find which counties in the United States reported new coronavirus deaths (shown in red) and, if there were no additional deaths, which counties reported new coronavirus positive cases (shown in orange) during the most recent reporting day. I will update this map each day until the pandemic has ended. Be safe!

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    1. I continue to update the COVID-19 U.S. map each day in the early afternoon. You can bookmark a direct link to the map at

      Only 13 counties in the continental United States have no recorded cases of COVID-19 as of this date. They are in 8 states. Here they are.

      Kiowa County, Colorado, population 1,406

      Carter County, Montana, population 1,238
      Petroleum County, Montana, population 513

      Blaine County, Nebraska, population 476
      Grant County, Nebraska, population 649
      Hayes County, Nebraska, population 893

      Esmeralda County, Nevada, population 873

      De Baca County, New Mexico, population 1,748

      Wheeler County, Oregon, population 1,332

      Borden County, Texas, population 654
      King County, Texas, population 272
      Loving County, Texas, population 169

      Daggett County, Utah, population 980

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