My Music Recorded in 1976

Leaving Behind the Tears

All songs written, performed, and recorded by David Oesper

Recorded January – August 1976

Remixed August 20, 1976

Special thanks to Bob Gebhardt for loaning me his open reel tape deck in 1976.

Special thanks also to Jake Ewalt for his skillful analog to digital transfer in July 2002.

1. Hope1. Here With You
2. Leaving Behind the Tears2. Memories
3. Misled Again3. So Long
4. Reaching Out For Love4. Did I Tell You
5. Rock Star5. The Day You Left Me
6. Time Out6. Far Away Somewhere
7. You Should Have Seen7. Moments With You
8. I’m Thinking About You8. Hometown Boogie
9. Destiny9. He’s Gone
10. Picking Up the Pieces10. Hold On
11. Life11. If That Is All
12. For All Time12. In the End
13. Idol13. I’ll Come Back
14. Rock of the Country14. You’re the One
15. Pathless Roads15. No Other Person
16. You Get In Your Own Way

2 thoughts on “My Music Recorded in 1976”

  1. Dave,
    Love your music. A man and and his acoustical guitar. You were such a talented musician back in the day. I’d buy the cd’s if you made up some.

    1. Thanks, Phil, this was a big part of my life as a teenager and college student. The popular music of the 1960s and early-to-mid 1970s was so inspiring, wasn’t it? Then disco came along in the late 1970s and popular music in general started to go downhill (IMHO), and I started to turn increasingly towards classical music which is mostly what I listen to today. But I will always love the popular music of that era.

      Looking back on it and listening to it again after several years, I am proud of what I accomplished then. Sure, it isn’t “professional” but it does show a very inspired, serious, and passionate musician (me!) with little experience with either multi-tracking or recording giving it a go and doing the best that he can with limited instrumental and vocal skills.

      These days, many of us are so immersed in commercialized and professionally produced media that we no longer have the appreciation we once had for amateur music-making in an intimate setting in the folk or Hausmusik tradition. Our loss!

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