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I receive dozens of emails each day, and chances are you do, too.  But one email list I think you should seriously consider subscribing to is the NASA News Releases.  There have been 115 news releases and 185 media advisories issued so far this year, so that averages to about one email a day.  The quality of these news releases is consistently high—they are far better written and information rich than most of what clutters up our inboxes or what you’ll find on a typical internet news site.

Take, for example, the two news releases that were issued on December 10:

RELEASE 18-114
NASA’s Newly Arrived OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Already Discovers Water on Asteroid

RELEASE 18-115
NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space

Subscribing is easy:

NASA news releases and other information are available automatically by sending an e-mail message with the subject line subscribe to 
To unsubscribe from the list, send an e-mail message with the subject line unsubscribe to

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