Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

We are all going to miss Stephen Hawking.  His incredible intellect, and his even more remarkable determination to make something of himself despite a terrible affliction, has been a universal inspiration all over the world.  Stephen Hawking was the individual equivalent of the Apollo lunar program.  He raised the bar when almost everyone else we see nowadays is lowering it.  He succeeded against all the odds.

Now would be a good time to watch (or rewatch) five extraordinary documentaries and films about Stephen Hawking and his ideas.
Errol Morris, Music by Philip Glass

1. A Brief History of Time (1991)


2. Hawking (2004)


3. Hawking (2013)


4. The Theory of Everything (2014)


5. Genius by Stephen Hawking (2016)


“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

– Stephen Hawking

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  1. I highly recommend you watch Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, his final documentary series. It is presently only available through Curiosity Stream. Fortunately, I am already a member. I’m hoping these three episodes, each 26 to 27 minutes in length, will be broadcast on PBS and eventually available for purchase on DVD. Tremendous script, narrative, and special effects, and quite unlike anything else that Stephen has done. Worth a membership to Curiosity Stream just to see this!

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